Thursday, 11 February 2021

Coronavirus New Variant News: Faster Spreading? More Dangerous COVID?


The Emerging Coronavirus Variants

We have the shots, we are good now right? Much buzz about the faster spreading more dangerous version of COVID.  What are the facts from the hype?  

The new strains of COVID are spreading globally, much faster than SARS-COV2 (Novel Coronavirus) SARS stands for "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2".  The CDC and National Institute of Health reference the COVID variant's proper nomenclature instead of discovery location.  The “China virus” should be SARS-CoV-2 or  novel coronavirus,  New variants should be B.1.1.7, not “U.K. variant” and P.1, not the “Brazilian variant.” 

Using just one example, B.1.1.7 has been identified in 40 countries.   Using the Variant ID instead of the country of origin is an important concept. The point of origination matters less given that each of these variants have mutated across the world, and in countries beyond the country of origin

How Much More Dangerous is It?  

 B.1.1.7    has 17 mutations, spreading fast worldwide and doubling every 10 days, in the US alone.  With COVID IMMUNIZATION, these new strains leave COVID far from contained. The CDC and Dr Fauci recommend double Masking  because when 2 people are double masking, it is proven 95% effective in stopping the spread. 

UC Davis reported that for the new dangerous strains of Coronavirus, Transmission is higher in places where the new strain is prevalent. Scientists estimate it is 70% more contagious. PCR Tests can detect positive or negative for COVID, but most can not detect the particular strain. UC Davis is part of the California COVID-19 Testing Task Force and working with the State Department of Public Health In Richmond, can detect COVID by strain sequencing the present COVID Genetic Makeup.   

Double Mask= COVID 95%  Protected

COVID Immunizations are not enough.   
  • Continue wear masks (2), and safe social distance. 
  • New strains of COVID, faster spreading than ever.
  • When 2 people face to face are both wearing double masks, it increases COVID Protection by 95% 

  • CASES:                    107, 435, 033
  • NEW CASES:                  242,466
  • CASE RISE # Countries:         40
  • DEATHS:                    2, 358, 210
  • COUNTRIES:                         192


COVID VACCINE: Rolling 7-day Average Per Country

 "Our World In Data" produced this a flexible view of COVID 19 Vaccine Doses administered per Country over the last rolling 7-day average of 100 People in the Country's Total Population.  Click the chart to see current data. 

Welcome to the Coronavirus COVID 19 Center of Excellence (COE) Portal! Coronavirus is Global Pandemic that is mutating into new strains, in a path of death and destruction. As a result we provide current innovation on COVID information and the healthcare heroes that help flatten the curve, reduce suffering and provide how to promote Covid protection, prevention, survival.


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