Friday, 12 February 2021

LIVE: Dawn C Simmons on COVID Crisis Impact: Kindness in Crisis: Awareness Can Save Lives

 Lead with kindness during crisis to encourage recovery and growth.

TRACY, California, September 30, 2020 — The COVID-19 Global Pandemic is wave s of destruction. With the Moratorium in California on COVID EVICTION POLICY in the balance, here is a personal story. We can do better for one another by caring about the impacts. Business, families, landlords, all are affected, Everyone is struggling, lacking understanding and time. until it is too late.

Since 091101 we created a global Crisis Resource Services and Support for Global recruiting and jobs community as a safe place to go, in times of uncertainty, for jobs, resources, to feel connected, and help one another.

My grandmother Simmons used to say, if you are worried work harder. I come from a long line of resilient type a personalities. I am sharing my present experience, strength and hope that we can create a better present, for our economic and managed healthcare from this global pandemic. People reach for positive news to curb the discomfort of the personal impacts of crisis. People in survival mode are unaware how words can destroy. Here are some ways to cultivate kindness.

  • DO Be someone, others can count on, even when times are hard. There is grace, there is healing in caring.
  • DO participate in community wellness. Together everyone achieves more. Volunteers to improve caring, capacity, and communications through real-life crisis situations
  • DO keep your thoughts kind. Kindness creates hope, loyalty, and healing. Offer resources, encouragement, or solutions to be strong for another moment. People who feel supported recover.
  • DO NOT deny, criticize, or minimize another in crisis. Meet them where they are with compassion to face crisis. You should not make them feel worse, or guilty.

A junior recruiter lamented the long hiring process and candidates temper flares, there is no update. Talented job seekers were horribly impacted by no job offer despite immense effort. Its impact is health and financial challenges with families forced into homeless. One Senior Recruiters, after 11 months of ‘nothing wanted nothing more than help put people to work. With no family or jobs, feeling isolated started planning to implement a peaceful suicide.

A landlord frustrated with 90 days lagging partial payments started harassing the tenant for not being able to articulate when partial payments would be made full. They suggested the tenant was selfish for having COVID and not responding with when they would make the rest of the payments. The landlord collection demands of how inconsiderate the tenants where were so extreme, it contributed to a Tenant 911 call with blood pressure at 221/189 from Acute Situational Stress Anxiety.

A small business owner struggling to pay employee for work done 4 months prior, from a client who was critically ill and simply needed time to recover. During that time, however, the small business talent also struggled with feeding their family and recovering from COVID of several team members. EVERYONE was suffering, pushing too hard threatens the health of a business relationship, but exploring what can be done with open communications can help.

Dawn Christine Simmons is a COVID Healthcare Survivor and a Covid Employment workforce Crisis Support Champion


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